The Common Good

Advent A Time To Hope--And Fast--For Immigration Reform

Date: November 29, 2013

More than 14 days ago a group of immigrants started a public fast on the national Mall. The idea originated with veteran organizer Eliseo Medina and a handful of immigrants. Faith leaders, including evangelicals from around the country, were honored to be invited early on to be part of a fast that calls for the winds of immigration reform to pick-up again. For over a decade many of us have prayed, advocated, called, and held prayer vigils for bipartisan immigration reform legislations. We are once again turning to our ancient discipline of fasting....

This Advent Season the fast started by immigrants will be offered to the nation, with thousands joining from all over the nation. A group of faith leaders, including Rev. Jim Wallis and myself, will continue the fast. Many faith leaders and pastors will be coming to join us in the tent across from the Capitol to fast and pray. Each day, groups of us will fast and pray in the Capitol Hill tent, welcoming visitors and fellow-fasters who wish to join us. So please join us wherever you are this Advent Season in prayer and fasting. Pray for a vote on immigration reform. Pray for 11 million people and their families. Pray for a miracle. Prayer and righteous action work.