The Common Good

31 Days Of Fasting Ends With Bread And A Promise To Come Back Next Year

Date: December 12, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, the immigration reform organization Fast4Families ended 31 days of fasting in Washington, D.C. by holding one last press conference on the National Mall. Fasters broke their fast with a “feast” on water and bread, and said that they would continue to push efforts for an immigration reform bill that includes a cessation to deportations and a pathway to citizenship after Congress comes back from winter break.

Before the press conference, thousands of activists held vigils and shared their personal stories at more than 190 House Republicans and four House Democrats’ offices.

Rudy Lopez, a faster with the organization Fair Immigration Reform Movement, was carried up to the main platform where he was supported by core fasters including Eliseo Medina, Dae Joong Yoon, Cristian Avila, Lisa Harper, Rev. Jim Wallis, and others. Lopez abstained from food for 22 days.