The Common Good

“God is Not a Republican…or a Democrat”

Source: Patheos
Date: March 7, 2012


In contrast, a much more sensible position was outlined in Jim Wallis’ bestselling 2005 book God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It.  Wallis reminds us that there is more to “moral values” than who marries whom. Social justice and inclusion are moral values too.
Wallis relatedly highlights that there is more to upholding the “sanctity of life” than opposing abortion; war and capital punishment concern the sanctity of life.
Wallis frequently summarizes his point by asking, “When did becoming a Christian mean being pro-rich, pro-war, and pro-Republican?” He means that Jesus, as depicted in the Gospels, seems much more pro-poor and pro-peace.