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Sojourners Press Items
Today in Washington, Sojourners released a study focused on young evangelicals. Meant to explore the post-Culture War politics of a generation of young, civically engaged Christians, the study detailed several emerging dynamics. The demographic overview showed mostly single, highly educated self-identifying evangelical Christians, 92% of which attended church once or more per week. The study asked about both church and civic life, and found that while 61% of respondents heard about homosexuality from the pulpit within the last year, 73% heard about poverty from the pulpit. The study also notes that, like the general public, 60% list both economic issues like jobs and budget issues as one of the two most important issues in deciding their vote in the 2012 election, countering the conventional wisdom that evangelicals vote predominantly on social issues.
Over 1,100 Nationwide Screenings--Attendees Will Push Poverty as Central Election Issue Significant Screenings in Key States: Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Ohio.
EMERGING VOICES: NEWEST SOJOURNERS INITIATIVE Rev. Wallis Announces New National Program to Mentor and Lift up Young Leaders
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Jim Wallis Joins Coalition of Faith Leaders to Confront Budget Choices that Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor
Sojourners President Jim Wallis is among a group of 46 American Christian leaders issued an open letter expressing solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Ugandans in the face of "increased bigotry and hatred."
Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provisions of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law Rev. Jim Wallis: “Victory for Faith Community”
Ruling reinforces need for federal immigration reform that upholds faith values