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Sojourners Press Items
Sojourners, the largest network of progressive Christians in the United States, launched a campaign this week to call for talk show hosts to tell the truth in the health care debate. Over 10,000 messages have already been sent to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Rev Jim Wallis: Talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Hannity are pulling the country away from the moral core of this health care debate. They are working to mobilize opposition to reform by preying on the legitimate confusions and understandable fears of their viewers as well as propagating deliberate distortions. And it’s time that someone call them to account.
“President Barack Obama made the commitments that a broad coalition in the faith community had asked for - reform as a moral issue, affordable coverage for all, and no federal funding of abortion. Now it is the job of the faith community and every concerned American to make sure the final bill reflects all these moral principles. We will now be calling on our members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, many of them members of our congregations, to support these moral commitments and to make sure, as they “iron out the details,” that each one is firmly upheld.”
In his speech this evening, President Barack Obama made the commitments that a broad coalition in the faith community had asked for - reform as a moral issue, affordable coverage for all, and no federal funding of abortion.
Today marks 100th day of the Obama Administration and the final day of the Sojourners Mobilization to End Poverty, the nation’s largest gathering of Christian leaders and activists committed to overcoming poverty in our country and world. This Mobilization brought together over 1,100 Christians from across the religious spectrum who visited eighty-three Senate and two hundred house offices to advocate for including low-income families and vulnerable people in the economic recovery. The first full day of the Mobilization was excited and energized by a video message from the President who took the opportunity, during the week that marked the first 100 days of his administration, to re-commit to overcoming poverty in our country and partnering with the faith community.
On April 26-29, 2009, a broad and diverse coalition of over 60 faith-based organizations, churches and domestic and global anti-poverty groups will convene The Mobilization to End Poverty– a three-day conference that will equip the faith community to combat the growing domestic and global poverty crisis that is being exacerbated by the world's economic instability. The Mobilization to End Poverty will assemble a constituency capable of generating radical change and bold leadership from both the Church and our government.
Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a national coalition of Christian organizations, churches, and leaders from across the theological and political spectrum united in support of comprehensive immigration reform, issued the following statement in response to signals from the White House that President Obama will push immigration reform this year:
During a teleconference on Wednesday, April 1st, leaders from Congress, religious denominations, policy institutes and anti-poverty non-profits announced a new initiative to combat the growing domestic and global poverty crisis that is being exacerbated by the world’s economic instability. This initiative, called The Mobilization to End Poverty, represents one of the largest and most diverse anti-poverty coalitions that will convene over one thousand faith leaders and activists in Washington, DC this April 26-29. The coalition will advocate with Congress to preserve priorities within the President’s budget that assist low-income and poor communities with an emphasis on health care, energy, and education. This group will also call upon the President to affirm his previous commitments to reduce domestic poverty by half in ten years and implement the Millennium Development Goals intended to cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015.
Sojourners, a progressive network of Christians promoting the biblical call to social justice, and convener of Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR), today applauded the recent decision by the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the “discriminatory policy practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).” This action follows the heels of a coordinated national campaign that Sojourners and CCIR participated in with ACORN, National Day Laborer Organizing Network and America’s Voice that collected over 38,000 letters petitioning Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate alleged civil rights violations of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Today a group of leaders representing Christian faith-based non-profits that serve millions of Americans in low-income and poor communities responded to the new direction that President Obama’s budget proposal represents in addressing domestic poverty. Faith-based groups are facing a significant increase in demand for services due to an economic recession that threatens to push an additional nine million Americans into poverty. The economic situation coupled with a shortfall in revenue and charitable giving for faith-based groups exacerbates the poverty crisis in our nation. Religious leaders lifted up the budget as a moral document, outlined programs in the budget that would help reduce domestic poverty and called upon faith communities to press Congress to adopt these funding priorities.
The Poverty Forum, a group of 18 politically diverse leaders with expertise in poverty initiatives and policy reform, today released a set of policy recommendations aimed at dramatically reducing domestic poverty. Co-chaired by Mike Gerson, senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, and Rev. Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, this policy platform represents a nonpartisan initiative where leaders from government, community, faith-based and grassroots organizations worked together to find common-ground solutions.