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Audio and images of Palestinian Christians.
Social Justice, Faith-Based Publication Receives Twelve Awards
What is the connection between Web technology and social movements? Can technology create new communities, bring marginalized voices to the table, or does it further widen the gap between the accessed haves and have-nots? How do we as people of faith think biblically, theologically, and critically about technology?
Rev. Wallis plans to strategize with both Israeli and Palestinian peace workers, as well as other international leaders, around ways to gain international support for the peace process.
Travelling as a member of the first Colombia delegation sponsored by the international human rights organization Witness For Peace, Berger will meet with a range of organizations and individuals in Bogota, as well as faith-based organizations in rural areas. She will hear firsthand how Colombians at the grassroots are effected by the $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid that has arrived in their country over the past year.
It's finally over. Five excruciating weeks of counting, re-counting, and not counting has led us to a moment in our nation's history like no other. Vice President Al Gore has called the nation to unity and President-elect George W. Bush has pledged a bi-partisan approach to leadership. But the post-election confusion has left many voters feeling disillusioned and angry. What lessons can be learned and what steps can be taken to begin the healing process?
Christian Leaders Respond: Religion Should Not Be Excluded from 9/11 Remembrances International Christian Leaders Remember Terrorist Attacks and Call for Peace Evangelical Leaders Call for Christians to “Be Good Neighbors” to Muslims
New York City — In a press conference today, top national and global Evangelicals urged that religion should be used to heal and unite, not divide. Last year, protests by extremists marred the commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and ignited international violence.
Rev. Wallis: Poverty Numbers Should Be Top Religious Issue in 2012 Elections Census Bureau Releases Update of National Poverty Levels, First Revision Since Recession Report Shows Significant Increase in Child, Southern Poverty