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As part of its ongoing 'War Watch' campaign,Sojourners offers early lessons of war with Iraq
British Print Ad Campaign Offers Final Appeal for an Alternative to War from U.S. Church Leaders to Prime Minister Blair
U.S. church leaders' clear, compelling alternative generates surge of last-minute interest among diverse cross-section of concerned citizens and leaders.
A delegation of U.S., international, and British religious leaders met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to encourage him in seeking alternatives to war in dealing with the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Images and stories of faith in the midst of war.
An estimated 3,200 people filled the Washington (D.C.) National Cathedral today (Jan. 20) to pray for a peaceful alternative to war with Iraq.
"We want to send President Bush a strong message that if he starts a pre-emptive war against Iraq, it will not be with the support of the churches."
While President Bush makes the case to Congress, the American people, and the United Nations for a U.S. war on Iraq, a "third way" has emerged in the debate about what to do about Saddam Hussein.
Sojourners announces its latest resource, A World at Odds: Conscience in a Time of Terror, a new online study guide that offers fresh, alternative perspectives on five timely and important issues: the U.S. conflict with Iraq; the global economy; fundamentalism and religious diversity; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and the anniversary of Sept. 11.
Sojourners magazine won top awards at the Evangelical Press Association's 54th annual convention.