The Common Good


Sojourners Press Items
"The House, in approving a budget bill last month that cuts food stamps, health care, child care and more, ignored the needs of the poor. Yesterday, it followed the recent pattern of designing a tax bill that foremost benefits the wealthiest. These decisions do not reflect that best of our nation’s priorities."
Sojourners is alarmed and saddened by the kidnapping of four Christian Peacemaker Teams members - Harmeet Sooden, Jim Loney, Norman Kember, and Tom Fox - in Baghdad on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005. We are afraid for their lives and pray for their speedy release.
The prophet Isaiah said: "Woe to you legislators of infamous laws" who refuse justice to the unfortunate, who cheat the poor among my people of their rights, who make widows their prey and rob the orphan." Today, I repeat those words. When our legislators put ideology over principle, it is time to sound the trumpets of justice and tell the truth.
As Christian journalists visiting Jordan, we join people of faith and good will around the world in condemning yesterday's terrorist attacks in Amman. We have observed among the gracious, hospitable people here the same shock and grief many of us in the U.S. experienced following the attacks on our own country on 9-11.
Following the press conference today near the Senate floor, four prominent religious leaders and nearly 20 others walked in silence to the U. S. Capitol Rotunda and held an impromptu meeting with Speaker Dennis Hastert before a brief protest of public prayer.
Jim Wallis, executive director of Sojourners and convener of Call to Renewal, praised Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), today for saving the popular Food Stamp Program from nearly $574 million in spending cuts.
On the first day of the World Summit, Jim Wallis led an interfaith delegation of nearly twenty American religious leaders in calling on the Bush Administration to join other nations in committing to end global poverty and fully embrace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A memorial service, press conference and afternoon of prophetic preaching on the MDGs marked the first day of a three day vigil of prayer and fasting in Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza in New York City this week.
Washington, D.C. - (July 27, 2005) With a full page ad in today's <I>Roll Call, </I>Sojourners and Call to Renewal launch a faith-based, grassroots campaign seeking to broaden the congressional debate on proposals to protect and strengthen Social Security. Today's ad and the campaign to enlist thousands of people of faith throughout the country are titled: "Social Security: A Covenant for the Common Good."
With growing crowds of the faithful praying in front of the Embassy of Sudan, Worship in the Spirit of Justice will focus this Sunday on the government of Sudan, urging its leaders to protect the defenseless in Darfur. Main Speaker: Rev. Rich Cizik, National Association of Evangelicals.
In an historic gesture of unity, a distinguished and diverse delegation of U.S. religious leaders depart today for a transatlantic religious leaders' Forum on the upcoming G8 Summit. Over 35 British and American leaders of churches and faith-based organizations will gather this week in London for an ecumenical Forum to discuss, pray, and reflect on the tragedy of global poverty.