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Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Release Report “A House Divided: Why Americans of Faith Are Concerned About Undocumented Immigrants”
Jim Wallis debates Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, at the 'Values Voters' Conference hosted by the FRC.
Jim Wallis speaks about the SCHIP veto at a press conference on Capital Hill.
I feel very honored and excited to be addressing you graduates today; about being a small part of this great occasion in your lives--the day when you are symbolically "set loose" into the world; and I would suggest that all of us have a great stake in what you are going to do. Title "What is Acceptable? What is Possible?
(Washington, DC) – Evangelical Christians from across the ideological spectrum today launched a national grassroots and ad campaign calling for comprehensive immigration reform that is consistent with biblical values. Ads announcing the campaign ran in Roll Call and CongressDaily today to coincide with the launch. Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) will place ads nationally and locally in newspapers and on the radio, and mobilize at least 200,000 letters, tens of thousands of calls, and hundreds of lobby visits to Members of Congress by the August recess.
New Orleans photo essays of survival and the hope found in faith and solidarity.
Moby talks to Sojourners about his journey into faith and politics.
A year after the storm, residents of the Gulf Coast continue the struggle to rebuild their lives.
More than 1,600 people from across the country are expected to participate in Politics and Spirituality: Seeking a Public Integrity, a sold-out conference that will feature the political, literary, and spiritual gifts of three nationally renowned speakers and authors: Jim Wallis, Anne Lamott, and Father Richard Rohr. The conference is timely for a nation torn and divided by political strife and yet somehow seeking the Beloved Community uplifted by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Statement by Progressive Evangelical Leader, Jim Wallis, on Immoral Budget Narrowly Passed by Senate Today