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The evangelicals have not signed on to the April 10 rally but Tim King, the chief communications officer at Sojourners, said they are laying the ground for increased involvement.
Just before stepping into a meeting Wednesday afternoon with House and Senate Democratic leaders to discuss the budget and debt, President Barack Obama met with Christian leaders to seek their advice and ask them to pray for him.
In an article from Roll Call, journalist Ambreen Ali writes about a recent meeting between Nancy Pelosi and Hunger Fast activists, including Jim Wallis.
Sojourners Chief Executive Officer Jim Wallis moderated the panel “Common Ground on Common Good,” where panelists discussed poverty, immigration and education. “I’m tired of all the shouting on this question. The shouting has to stop,” Wallis said.
You can call it the Trinity of the Religious Left. E.J. Dionne, Amy Sullivan and Jim Wallis are all out early this year with books celebrating the decline of the religious right.
Perhaps one of the more valuable pieces of advice in terms of winning elections comes from Jim Wallis, author of last year’s insightful “God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It.” Wallis, in his essay on “Seeking the Common Good,” argues for the formation of a “prophetic politics” that is neither liberal nor conservative nor libertarian, but instead embraces a fundamentally moral approach to political issues such as sexuality, popular culture, poverty and the environment.