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But there is no doubt about it, according to Jim Wallis, founder of the faith in action group Sojourners. "I think he will raise this tonight,” Wallis says. “It's a high priority for the president, and I think it's a social movement now. “Doing something right, doing something for the common good and doing it together – I think that's very possible now." Wallis says he expects the faith community in New York and the nation to play an even greater role this year, and he believes a comprehensive immigration reform plan will be passed in the next six months.
Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform fell short of their goal in 2013, but several things happened in December to swing momentum in their direction, they say. The first positive sign, according to Jim Wallis, Sojourners president and founder, was the House and Senate working together to pass a budget bill.
The Rev. Jim Wallis said his group, Sojourners, along with other religious progressives, believes it is hypocritical for foes of government spending to dole out millions in subsidies to farmers, yet cut back SNAP benefits. "Our commitment is, we're going to tell the politicians, 'You go after the poorest people because you think that's safe? We'll make that politically unsafe for you.' This is wrong, it's hypocrisy, and it should not be done," Wallis said.
Radio piece titled: '“Voting Your Values” Movement Blossoming in New Hampshire' Jim Wallis is featured.