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The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)

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More than 90 Catholic, evangelical and Protestant leaders have signed a statement rebuking “pro-life” lawmakers for the shutdown, the Religion News Service reports, and will hold a daily “Faithful Filibuster” on Capitol Hill “to remind Congress that its dysfunction hurts struggling families and low-income people.” RNS also looks at how the shutdown is impacting religious groups.
"The evangelical vote will be the key swing vote this year," predicted the Rev. Jim Wallis, head of the Christian group Sojourners, who argues that religious voters' increased concerns about such issues as poverty, health care and the environment give Democrats a greater opportunity to win their votes.
Hundreds of religious leaders from across the country will gather in Cleveland this weekend for a conference integrating faith and public life in the fight against poverty.
The dark and tragic political events in which Bonhoeffer was involved are kept largely offstage, alluded to only when useful for making some spiritual point. Under appropriate dates, the reader finds laconic footnotes marking the author's arrest and imprisonment and other pertinent events, but further commentary is mainly left to the liberal evangelical clergyman Jim Wallis, who contributes an insightful introduction.