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President Obama addressed the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC yesterday, as every president has done since the event's inception in 1953. But many faith leaders were surprised by Obama's personal tone. In this week's Tell Me More feature Faith Matters, Rev. Jim Wallis, founder and president of the christian social change group Sojourners , discusses the president's speech and the ongoing debate around his personal faith.
Rev. Wallis speaks to Michel Martin about President Obama's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.
Rev. Wallis interviewed on NPR's "Tell Me More" regarding the DREAM Act.
President Obama says he believes common ground can be achieved in the debate over abortion, and evangelical leader the Rev. Jim Wallis agrees. Wallis, who is pro-life, shares his belief that conservative faith communities can work through their disagreements and take a more effective stance on abortion.
As Fed and Treasury officials scramble to secure a $700 billion rescue for faltering financial institutions, economists are pointing fingers of blame at just about everyone: lenders, bankers and borrowers. Does greed lie at the heart of the financial meltdown? Is Main Street just as culpable as Wall Street? NPR's Talk of the Nation interviews Rev. Jim Wallis and others.
Religious themes have been more likely to take center stage at recent Republican National Conventions than at Democratic gatherings. But politics and religion will be mingling all this week when Democrats convene in Denver to choose Barack Obama as their presidential nominee. Jim Wallis will be at both Conventions running interfaith forums. "I'll be focusing on the issues: Iraq, poverty, the environment, the sanctity of life."
Jim Wallis, the editor and founder of Sojourners magazine, talks to host Andrea Seabrook about the evolving evangelical movement, Barack Obama's plans to continue and retool President Bush's office of faith-based initiatives, and what he hopes to see from the John McCain campaign.
Recent remarks by Senator Barack Obama's longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, are firing up Obama supporters and his critics. Faith leaders — the Rev. Harry Jackson, Jr., Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Renita Weems and Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld — discuss religious freedom and whether Obama should be implicated by Wright's sermons.
Rev. Jim Wallis, President of Sojourners ministries and author of The Great Awakening and Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., senior pastor at Hope Christian Church and co-author of Personal Faith, Public Policy, engage in a conversation on the evangelical vote.
Theologian, preacher, author and faith-based activist Jim Wallis joins Larry Mantle to discuss his belief that only a revival of faith can spark the necessary changes in public opinion and political will on those key issues, and that spiritual transformation is necessary for social change.