The Common Good

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Since 1965, almost every legislative change on immigration has been preceded by a decision from the White House to allow some undocumented foreigners to stay here legally.
Washington often loses sight of the common good. Instead of considering how to best serve the public, many of our elected leaders focus on advancing the agenda of their political party or their own careers. The general welfare is sacrificed for the sake of individual gain. Immigration reform is a textbook example.
Americans are ready for a new immigration solution. Is Washington?
“The country is hungry for Congress to work together,” said Jim Wallis, of Sojourners, a social-justice ministry. “Comprehensive immigration reform is that common ground.”
More than 150 leaders of major evangelical Christian groups have signed a statement urging Congress to step up efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform, a significant break away from the conservative party's typically harsh stance on the issue.
An article examining President Obama's ties to Martin Luther King Jr., referencing Obama's address at Sojourners' Call to Renewal.