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The Casey race, and others like it around the country, “resolves that argument,” said Green. “I expect to see a lot more discussion of this and a lot more Democratic candidates who adopt this approach. The Democrats learned a lesson and they adjusted.” The lesson is clear to Jeff Carr, chief operating officer of Sojourners, a liberal evangelical social justice organization. “Those who said the Democrats need to stay away from religion were wrong,” said Carr. The “big losers” in the 2006 election, he concluded, were “the secular left and the religious right
The zeitgeist of our national politics may have finally arrived at a place where Mr. Wallis' words will be heard as never before. Or as the saying goes, 'When the student is ready, the lesson appears.' Students from the left and the right may be ready for Mr. Wallis' lesson for the first time in 30 years.
While Republicans narrow the discussion of values to two issues, marriage and abortion, Democrats fail to link their traditional social justice concerns to religious-minded voters, many of whom would vote Democratic if the party’s candidates articulated their message from a faith perspective, said Jim Wallis.
No promise of "freedom" rings in the cutline on this picture. No joy of liberty underlies the terror on these faces here.
The Rev. Jim Wallis, executive director of Sojourners, is equally adamant that Sojourners and Call to Renewal, its sister organization, are nonpartisan operations. "There is no coordination whatsoever between Sojourners, Call to Renewal and the Kerry campaign," said Wallis. In fact, said Wallis, he has consistently argued, "the Democrats should not make the same mistake the Republicans have made, which is to co-opt the religious community for a partisan agenda."
Call to Renewal convener Jim Wallis said many of those present, hostile to Republican antigovernment policies and Democratic intransigence on abortion, lacked "a natural political home." Wallis is editor of Sojourners magazine and a long-time activist.
Ackerman and Jack Duvall, director of the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict, recently co-authored "Weapons of the Will," an essay on the possibility of nonviolent regime change in Iraq that appeared in the September/October issue of Sojourners magazine.
Here is an example of Sirico’s economic and political sensibilities from an article he published at the National Review Online. Siriro took aim at the “Circle of Protection” which he dubbed “not an honest faith-inspired campaign to protect the “least of these” from Draconian government cuts, as claimed. It is a hyper-political movement that offers up the moral authority of churches and aid organizations to advance the ends of the Obama administration and its allies in Congress.” Sirico claimed the Circle of Protection was “led by Jim Wallis and his George Soros-funded Sojourners group.” He accused the group of offering a “false narrative based on vague threats to the ‘most vulnerable.’”