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The book centers on the stories of several of them, like Mark Hatfield, an anti-Vietnam War activist who was a moderate Republican from Oregon, and the Rev. Jim Wallis, a 1970s social justice activist who is the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine.
I was dismayed to see in the March 12 Faith section that three of five Christian leaders answered "What would Jesus cut from the budget?" by implying or stating outright that the divine agenda would include cutting welfare benefits and downsizing government.
Economist and minister David Beckmann wrote in The Washington Post that the federal budget is a moral document "that reveals, starkly and undeniably, our nation's priorities. ... When Jesus talked about how God will judge nations, he said God will focus on what we did or did not do for the neediest among us."
One of the best guides I've found for sorting through issues and candidates comes from Jim Wallis and the folks at Sojourners ( Their questions have really made me think.
"Despite the fact no one has yet to find reference to the filibuster in the Bible, Republicans and their religious allies are saying God is on their side," said the Rev. Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine.
"When it comes to religion and values and politics, the monologue of the religious right is now over, and a new dialogue has begun," Jim Wallis said.
Jim Wallis, a longtime evangelical pastor and editor of the progressive Christian magazine Sojourners, slammed Bush's use of his faith in prosecuting the war against Iraq. "This is a dangerous mix of bad foreign policy and bad theology."