The Common Good Press Items
I am thankful for Great Men of the Cloth such as Jim Wallis of Sojourners, who never stops talking about the poor, and then helps to convince politicians such as President Barack Obama to pursue policies that will ensure that we have lots of poor people in this country. Wallis needs to have the poor in order to feel good about himself, as he calls for government help for those same poor. Indeed, it is important that the government do things like make it more difficult to produce electricity, jack up fuel prices, and stifle entrepreneurs because everyone knows that low energy costs and the availability of goods and jobs to produce them would then help make poor people better off, which then would result in Wallis’s unemployment or force him to get a real job.
Jim Wallis and the Sojourners outfit are portrayed in the media as brave souls standing up for the poor against the Evil Rich, standing up for life and Everything Else That Is Good. Wallis even has a blog called "God's Politics," which is decidedly pro-abortion, socialist, and a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Wallis claims to be against "the interests of the wealthy and large corporations," which means in reality standing up for the interests of labor unions and the State.