The Common Good

Journal Star (Illinois)

Journal Star (Illinois) Press Items
The Interfaith Peacemaking Coalition, made up of organizations promoting peace, many churches, adjudicatories, the Unitarian church members of the Niagra Foundation, Jewish South Street Temple, and Muslim representatives have organized the weekend Peacemaking event to stimulate conversations among the three faiths to promote understanding, friendship and possible continuing activity as a peacemaking community. Past speakers include Jane Goodall, Jim Wallis, Admiral Eugene J. Carroll, Helen Caldicott, Matthew Fox, William Sloane Coffin and Joel Sartore.
Catholics and Protestants are joining together in a campaign to get “Red Letter Christians” to participate in this fall’s elections. The “Voting Our Values” coalition supports a broad spectrum of moral values that come from the words of Jesus, which often appear in ‘red letters’ in many Bibles. Such values include providing for the health, welfare and dignity of all people, said Alexia Kelley, executive of Catholics in Alliance for Good Government.