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Alec Hogg @alechogg Follow Jim Wallis at closing ceremony of #WEF14: "Skills are not the most important attribute. Sacrifice is. Nelson Mandela taught us that."
The evangelical pastor, Jim Wallis, tells Oliver Balch he wants to see a 'moral economy' and he thinks corporate leaders do too
Later that week, the Democrats' faith caucus - the first ever of its kind, held right alongside the women's caucus and the Hispanic caucus - boasted prominent religious leaders such as progressive evangelical Jim Wallis, powerful Catholic voice John Dilulio, Martin Luther King contemporary Otis Moss Jr, and former congressman and anti-choice Indianan Tim Roemer.
[Jim] Wallis, the author of God's Politics and a new book, Great Awakenings, is a prominent, respected evangelical leader and says his message that God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat has finally sunk in.
Moreover, by turning the rhetoric of the "religious nay-sayers" against them, [Gordon] Brown is following the advice of the American progressive social activist Jim Wallis, a prominent evangelical Christian, who argues both that the jurisdictions of church and state should remain separate, and that the case against the manipulations of the "religious right" needs to be articulated on the ground that they falsely claim as their own, as well as in the language of liberal pluralism, if it is to be politically successful
Sojourners, backed by an organisation called Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, has placed full page adverts in the Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the Independent and the Guardian.
Jim Wallis, the director of the Evangelical Sojourners movement, said: "The British government and people are in a better position to influence the decision to go to war than anyone else in the world and your prime minister can shape this more than any other leader. "We need to find a better way to solve these issues. I don't think the problem of Saddam Hussein is to be resolved by bombing the children of Baghdad."
"We appeal to President Bush, to a fellow brother in Christ, to win this battle without war, to transform our swords into ploughshares and, yes, to persevere in disarming the world of weapons of mass destruction, including our own - but without the killing of more innocents." Jim Wallis of the Washington-based Sojourners movement concluded: "Mr President, what we need from you is a faith-based initiative."