The Common Good Press Items
A columnist for the Religious Left website Sojourners has just determined that "neo-conservatism" is incompatible with Christianity. Chuck Gutenson, a theology professor at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky, wrote: "We, as followers of Jesus, should reflect on the differences between our calling to be imitators of Jesus and that to which the neocons would call us. And, most of all, we need to recognize the incommensurability of the two ways of being in the world."
Left-wing Catholic group Pax Christi hosted its 9-11 commemoration at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. by featuring Evangelical Left activist Jim Wallis, whom Pax Christi introduced as “one of our nation’s most prophetic and eloquent religious leaders.” Wallis bemoaned a “total decade of war that took more innocent lives than victims of 9/11.” He complained: “We had a possibility for reflection, but it alluded us because our leaders said, ‘We will erase your vulnerability through our superior force and power.”