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Immigration Reform; Samuel Rodriguez, president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; Gabriel Salguero, president, National Latino Evangelical Coalition; Richard Stearns, president, World Vision United States, and Jim Wallis, president, Sojourners.
A large group of prominent evangelicals hopes to make poverty a center-stage issue during these difficult financial times and the upcoming elections. According to a recent Associated Press story, prominent organizations are working to make eradicating poverty a political priority. They are, therefore, urging voters to support only those candidates who promise to fight poverty. These organizations include Jim Wallis’s Sojourners, Jesse Jackson‘s Rainbow/ Push Coalition, and the massive nonpartisan anti-poverty effort Jim Wallis, in particular, has been heralded as a symbol of the “new evangelicals”: politically-active Christians who focus primarily on issues like poverty, healthcare, and racial equality. Wallis’s Sojourners are spearheading a program to “Vote Out Poverty.”
Other signers included...Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners...