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Following the Senate's failure to break a filibuster of the DREAM Act this weekend, faith leaders rebuked Senators who turned their backs on upstanding young immigrants while reiterating the faith community's unwavering determination to pass this compassionate, common-sense legislation. Statements from Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish, Muslim and interfaith leaders and organizations are below the fold:
Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a coalition of Christian organizations, churches, and leaders from across the theological and political spectrum, united in support of responsible immigration reform, will release a report “A House Divided: Why Americans of Faith are Concerned about Undocumented Immigrants.”
Sojourner's Jim Wallis, a member of the Circle and a vocal advocate for a moral budget, publically responded to CASE in a recent interview with the Christian Post. Wallis asserted that CASE has attempted to misrepresent the Circle's intentions by suggesting that the Circle favors a "blanket defense" of government programs rather than practical economic solutions to address the national debt.