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Al Tizon, co-president of Evangelicals for Social Action, and Tim King, chief strategy officer at Sojourners, each present case studies of religious leaders. The book represents increasing academic interest in the particulars of religious leadership, which Small says has received a paucity of attention until recent years.
Covenanter Lisa Sharon Harper, director of mobilizing for Sojourners, has helped lead “Faithful Filibuster,” a cross-section of Christian leaders who have gathered each day across the street from Capitol Hill since last Wednesday to read what they say are the 2,000 verses in Scripture pointing to God’s call to care for the poor. “When tens of millions of Americans are having trouble putting food on the table for their families it’s a systemic problem that needs a systemic solution,” she said. “Our government needs to be part of that solution, and it’s hard to do that when our nation’s leaders put politics above public service.“
CHICAGO, IL (January 17, 2011) – Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) President Gary Walter today affirmed this past weekend’s action by Christian Churches Together in issuing a historic response to the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” penned by the late Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963.
Evangelical Covenant Church President Gary Walter has joined more than 100 Christian leaders in signing “A Covenant for Civility: Come Let Us Reason Together.” Leaders from across the theological and political spectrum have signed the covenant, through which they pledge to try to create “safe and sacred spaces for common prayer and community discussion” in their churches, which have too often “reflected the political divisions of our culture rather than the unity we have in the body of Christ.”
Jim Wallis says he has North Park University graduate Tim King to thank for his latest book, Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street. King, who graduated from the university in 2006, grew up attending Bethany Covenant Church in Bedford, New Hampshire. He started working with Sojourners in 2008, having done community organizing in Chicago and briefly consulting for congressional candidates.
Evangelical Covenant Church pastor Eugene Cho is featured on the cover of the current issue of Sojourners magazine and is quoted in an article on “new evangelicals” and how their faith informs their politics.
[Palmberg] serves on the board of Sojourners, has been active in Bread for the World, and serves on the boards of the Alliance to End Hunger, North Park University, and Covenant Ministries of Benevolence.
CNN will broadcast the first forum at 7 p.m. EDT Monday from Pentecost 2007 in Washington D.C. The event is sponsored by Sojourners/Call to Renewal—Palmberg serves on the group’s board of directors. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards are scheduled to participate.
Faith, morals and poverty will be the focus of the first of two nationally televised “Pentecost 2007” forums scheduled for top presidential contenders from both major political parties as the campaign for the respective party nominations heats up.
“(Hope is) a choice you make because of a thing called faith,” Wallis said. “Faith is for the big stuff. Faith is for the big things, the things that seem impossible—they’re too much for us, it’s too big. The odds are against us, they say. That’s why they call it faith.” He noted that English Parliament member and reformer William Wilberforce introduced anti-slavery legislation for 30 years before it finally passed. Wilberforce, he added, was inspired and counseled by John Newton, the former slave trader who repented and subsequently wrote “Amazing Grace.”