The Common Good


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The comments come in a Facebook post by Jim Wallis, founder and leader of the Sojourners magazine and community in Washington DC, a pastor and proponent of non-partisan progressive evangelicalism.
Lisa Sharon Harper, director of mobilising for the progressive Christian group Sojourners, left her prayer on the page, which reads in part: “Dear God, please move in the hearts of our legislators. Ignite in them a deep desire for the common good. Give them courage to lead and not merely follow the direction of the pundits and polls.”
A diverse US coalition of evangelical, Catholic, Methodist, mainline Protestant, African-American, and Latino Christian leaders will next week announce a new coalition to fight cuts to anti-poverty programmes and congressional plans to make those cuts even deeper.
Thousands of Christians across the USA are fasting in solidarity and protest against a budget process which is punishing the poorest.