The Common Good


CSPAN Press Items
Richard Land and Jim Wallis talked about the role of religion in the 2012 elections, American politics, and civic discourse. They also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.
The New America Foundation hosted a panel discusson on “Poverty's New Challenges, New Alliances, and New Ideas.” Panelists discuss how to effect bi-partisan action to combat poverty amidst a deepening recession. Panelists include the Rev. Jim Wallis and Michael Gerson.
Political and corporate leaders discussed values in market capitalism. The group included former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Rev. Jim Wallis. Topics included what makes capitalism work well, how to change values, regulation, and metrics.
GOP Presidential candidates are among the speakers at The Family Research Council's "Values Voter Summit." Jim Wallis, Sojourners Magazine, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and others speak throughout the morning.