The Common Good Press Items
I refer to DNJ's Sept. 15 headline informing Middle Tennesseans that a sign will be posted on South Church Street, "Love Muslim Neighbors." Does this sign really warrant "headlines," or is it meant to continue stirring up the controversy in Murfreesboro? The sign is being placed by the Sojourners, a liberal organization located in Washington, D.C. Readers would do well to check the background and contributions to Sojourners and Sojourners magazine.
A new message encouraging local residents to "Love Your Muslim Neighbors" is slated to go up on a South Church Street billboard by the end of the month. The message is being placed on a billboard at 1015 S. Church St. by a self-described Washington, D.C.-based Christian advocacy and education organization called Sojourners, according to the group's communications director, Tim King. King said the organization decided on Murfreesboro as a location after a number of residents living within a 100-mile radius of the city took notice of the group's message on a billboard in Joplin, Mo., and ...