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Falsani said the Santorum-implied dig - that Obama has his own definition of sin outside of traditional Christianity - was wrong. "The answer came in the specific context of having just articulated his Christian faith," she said. In response, Falsani posted the full transcript of her interview with the president on the Sojourners website, where she now works as Web editor and director of new media.
Jim Wallis, the progressive CEO of Sojourners, and Richard Land, the conservative head of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, are two religious scholars with opposing political views. But at their joint event at the National Press Club in Washington Wednesday, they agreed on some issues as they discussed and debated faith and the 2012 election.
Stephen Prothero writes in CNN's Belief Blog that the Religious Right cannot claim a monopoly on Biblical values.
Writing for CNN's Belief Blog, Eric Marrapodi covers controversy between House Speaker John Boehner and the Catholic University of America. Marrapodi mentions the Circle of Protection and quotes Jim Wallis.
Eric Marrapodi, co-editor of CNN's Belief Blog, writes about Sojourners recent efforts regarding the federal budget and the conservative backlash that has resulted.
Amid a delicate dance to cut the budget in Congress, agitated religious leaders in Washington said Monday that the cuts being proposed are too deep.