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Prior to the coup, however, some analysts warned that heavy-handed US military and financial support for Taya could backfire.
As an American journalist here, I have been through many checkpoints and have come close to being shot at several times myself. I look vaguely Middle Eastern, which perhaps makes my checkpoint experience a little closer to that of the typical Iraqi. Here's what it's like.
"For the first time in history we have the knowledge, resources, information, and technology to end extreme poverty," says the Rev. Jim Wallis, director of Sojourners, a Christian ministry. "And there is a moral, spiritual, and political convergence on this issue."
Corruption. Weak democracy. These two enduring problems help account for the lack of economic opportunity for Bolivia's poor masses. They also explain why that country is on the verge of tipping left - mirroring a trend by six other Latin American nations in the past three years.
he Bush administration appears to have opened a whole new front in its war on terror: a forceful, full-scale defense of the morality of its detention-camp policies.
And critics continue to charge that the U.S. has yet to admit that instances of abuse were part of a pattern - and that prisoner abuse on the part of the nation that used to be called the leader of the free world has set a terrible example for others.
Uzbekistan has been a key antiterrorism ally of the United States since 9/11, and hosts a large US military base at Karshi-Khanabad, near the long border with Afghanistan. The US cut some military and economic aid last year to protest severe human rights abuses. But the US has also faced allegations that it has sent suspected terrorists to the country for interrogation.
Latin Americans from Mexico City to Quito, Ecuador - much like the citizens of Ukraine and Lebanon - have been taking to the streets in unprecedented numbers. Civic protest is emerging as an increasingly effective - if controversial - political tool.
Facing stiff resistance to its issues in Washington these days, the good-government group is opening a second front in its push for reform: Wall Street.
A study by the Army inspector general - not yet released but reported last week by the media - has exonerated all senior Army officers in Iraq and elsewhere except the brigadier general in charge of US prison facilities in Iraq.