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On the left, many political religious activists disagree over abortion and gay rights, and so those issues are not central to the movement. The founder and organizer of Sojourners, the Rev. Jim Wallis, is an Evangelical Christian who calls himself pro-life, but it is the issues of poverty and social justice that animate him in the political sphere.
Red Letter Christians - named for the teachings of Jesus printed in red letters in some Bible editions - advocate "an evangelicalism marked by compassion and justice," in the words of cofounder Tony Campolo, professor emeritus at Eastern University, a Baptist-affiliated university in St. David's, Pa... "I don't know how many Tennesseans have told me that their pastor or Sunday School teacher told them you cannot be a Democrat and a Christian," says State Sen. Roy Herron, a Democratic leader in the Tennessee legislature and a co-founder of the online community.
These days, Christian and other religious organizations, both here and around the world, are lending more than just a hand. Microloans - of as little as $100 - have become as much a part of their ministries as preaching the gospel.
"You can set up all the hotlines you want, but it won't help if people feel threatened by reporting an infraction, if they fear it will hurt their career," says David Batstone.
While we continue to press for the full accountability to be expected of a "moral values" administration, there is something else to consider: our own role. That's because by creating an environment that could produce troops who torture and find it amusing, it's valid also to seek a public accountability.
Illegal settler outposts that are consolidating Israel's grip on the West Bank are not pirate operations by hard-line settlers. They are established, maintained, and expanded with the backing of the Israeli government.
Chavez's antiglobalization and anti-U.S. discourse, which comes part and parcel with the petrodollars, "is resonating more and more with marginal sectors throughout the region, many of whom have been ignored by the US and are now looking for alternatives to their stubbornly acute poverty."
The plain-spoken words and image of a mother carrying a wooden cross to commemorate the son she lost in Iraq have suddenly brought focus to what has been largely an unseen and ineffective protest movement in the US.
In a bid to further eliminate coca crops and cut off funding for armed rebels, President Alvaro Uribe has proposed that the government pay peasant farmers for their coca crops.
Mr. Sharon's plan has two key differences from the road map. It seeks to pull the IDF out of Gaza only, while promising no troop pullback from the West Bank. And it's quite unilateral: Israel has never committed itself to negotiating any particulars of its pullback - with either the Palestinians, the U.S., or any of the three U.S. allies that cosponsored the road map.