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WASHINGTON – Hundreds of Christians walked the halls of Senate and House buildings on Tuesday to place pressure on political leaders and push through doors that they hope will lead to a reduction in domestic poverty.
To say nothing has changed in Washington and that government is always government would be a mistake, he said during the four-day Mobilization to End Poverty conference at the Convention Center.
As a pastor spoke about the “spirit of justice,” a crowd of some 1,000 people sitting in Shiloh Baptist Church eagerly responded with "amen's." Thus began the first day of Mobilization to End Poverty, a large-scale anti-poverty event drawing Christians and politicians alike.
Members of the CCIR include Jim Wallis, founder and president of Sojourners and the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, America's largest Hispanic evangelical organization.
Published by Celebra, the Hispanic books imprint of Penguin Books, Path of Miracles has been out since April 7 and includes a foreword by progressive evangelical Jim Wallis.
The symposium will follow a national conference for the Mobilization to End Poverty initiative in the nation's capital where more than 1,000 faith leaders and activists will convene April 26-29 to learn and share the vision of reducing poverty nationally and globally.
"Christians throughout the United States are energized and encouraged by the courageous steps taken by the Obama administration to prioritize reform of our broken immigration laws," praised Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) in a statement released on Thursday.
“The most important point is that if one is concern about poverty, having the United States join the rest of the Western world in covering health insurance for all of its people, particularly including the tens of millions of well incomed Americans who are currently uninsured, would be a major policy step forward,” Greenstein concluded during last week’s teleconference, hosted by Sojourners.
“A budget is a moral document,” said Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners – the largest network of progressive Christians in the nation – during a teleconference. “It reveals our priorities – who’s important, what’s important, [and] what’s a part of our agenda.”
In total, there will be 25 members on the council, composed of religious and secular leaders and scholars from different backgrounds. Members of the council, each appointed to a one-year term, so far include prominent figures such as Dr. Frank S. Page, president emeritus of the Southern Baptist Convention; the Rev. Jim Wallis, president and executive director of Sojourners; Pastor Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland, a Church Distributed; and Richard Stearns, president of World Vision.