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Speakers include Matthew Soerens of World Relief, Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners and Arturo Martinez, a resident immigrant.
Scheduled speakers include Matthew Soerens of World Relief and author of “Welcoming the Stranger;” Lisa Sharon Harper from Sojourners; and Arturo Martinez.
The Rev. Wendy Bausman, associate pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church, and the Rev. David Houdeschell, staff minister at New Vision United Church of Christ, are among 1,300 pastors around the country who have signed the pledge so far promising not to use politics, and specifically, a candidate’s religious beliefs, to foster discord. The initiative was launched by Sojourners and the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. “I read it, and I thought ‘This is me,’ ” Bausman said of the pledge. “It’s helping me to keep track of my own behavior; what I say and do. I saw it as adding my voice to pastors and other people of faith to help send the message that we believe in being civil is a calling of our faith.”
The Democratic Party appears to have wised up to how it can augment its rank and file by giving due deference to the faithful. Playing host to the prominent evangelical Christian leader the Rev. Jim Wallis during its national radio broadcast earlier this month, Democrats seized on their recent good fortune to assert themselves, if not as the new “moral majority,” at least as a majority with an authentic Christian moral compass. The characterization is nothing new to those who know Wallis.
"The monologue of the religious right is finally over and a new dialogue has begun," said the Rev. Jim Wallis, a progressive evangelical Protestant minister. Wallis is one of the organizers of a massive prayer vigil and budget cut protest expected to drawn some 300 religious activists to the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.