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Earlier today I listened in on a phone press conference with leading pro-life religious liberals called by Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners. (Click here to listen to the call.) They were praising the new draft Democratic Party abortion plank which advocates government policies to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies. (Click here to read the new plank and the 2004 platform). Wallis called it a "real step forward," while Rev. Joel Hunter called it "a historic and courageous step."
David Gibson looks at recent analysis of the Domocrats' abortion reduction language including John Kavanaugh's suggestion that Sen. Obama support the Rev. Jim Wallis's "abortion-reduction agenda," with its economic support for pregnant women and greater access to adoption as part of the Democratic platform.
We've been fortunate to have had Jim Wallis and friends on our site for about a year. In a couple of months, he'll be moving his main blog back to his home site,, though we expect Jim will continue to contribute to Beliefnet in other ways.
Nationally prominent members of The Compassion Forum Board include...Rev. Jim Wallis, Sojourners
Who first suggested the label? A secular Jewish Country-and-Western disc jockey in Nashville, Tennessee. During a radio interview he was conducting with Jim Wallis, he happened to say, "So, you're one of those Red-Letter Christians - you know - who's really into those verses in the New Testament that are in red letters!" Jim answered, "That's right!" And with that answer, he spoke for all of us. By calling ourselves Red-Letter Christians, we are alluding to the fact that in several versions of the New Testament, the words of Jesus are printed in red.
"This isn't a partisan issue, it's a stark moral choice," said the Rev. Jim Wallis, a progressive evangelical who heads the Call to Renewal anti-poverty campaign. "The House bill is obscene."
Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, then watching the evidence change. Jim Wallis, editor of "Sojourners"
From tax cuts to Medicare, the White House gets what the White House really wants. It never really wanted the "poor people stuff."
The Rev. Jim Wallis says gay marriage and abortion aren't the only values-related issues religious people care about. Interview by Rebecca Phillips
Many people think Christianity stands for things nearly the opposite of its true meaning. It's time to change that view. An excerpt from "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis, with permission of HarperSanFrancisco.