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Others signing the letter included Paul Basden and Jim Johnson, pastors of Preston Trail Community Church in Frisco, Texas; Roger Olson, Foy Valentine Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics at Baylor University; Chris Seay, pastor of Ecclesia in Houston; Shaine Claiborne of The Simply Way in Philadelphia; Fisher Humphreys, retired professor at Samford University; Christian author Brian McLaren; Sojourners founder Jim Wallis; and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, associate pastor of St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, N.C.
The Table brings together broad range of Christian groups, including theological liberals like Sojourners and conservative ones like the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. The organization says participants are united in “advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values.”
“These immoral cuts are incongruent with the shared values of our nation,” Wallis added in a letter Sept. 9. “They demonstrate the triumph of political ideology and self-interest over sound public policy and concern for the general welfare.”
Jim Wallis of Sojourners, a leader in the broad-based Evangelical Immigration Table that coordinated the Pray4Reform Day of Prayer and Action, said evangelicals have been “converted” on the immigration issue by the Scriptures, the witness of Hispanic brothers and sisters in Christ and “the future of the church.”
In his recent lament over the Trayvon Martin tragedy, evangelical leader Jim Wallis implored: “If there ever was a time that demonstrated why racially and culturally diverse congregations are needed — that time is now.”
Christian leaders across the country released a pastoral letter July 18 urging Congress to make hungry and poor people a priority in negotiations over a new federal budget.
Moore is featured in a quarter-million-dollar radio and billboard ad campaign paid for by the Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of diverse evangelical leaders from across the political spectrum launched in June 2012.
The PICO National Network, Sojourners, National Council of Churches and Auburn Seminary combined to collect signatures over a 72-hour period to add to the names of 12 Newtown ministers who signed the original letter.
“Leaders in Washington face serious moral choices on sequester and the budget that will have significant consequences for millions of people across the country,” said Jim Wallis, president and CEO of Sojourners and one of the faith leaders who signed the letter.
Wallis was among faith leaders who spoke at a press conference at the United Methodist Building in Washington announcing the initiative. Wallis quoted NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre’s comment in the wake of the Newtown shootings: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”