The Common Good


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As Rev. Jim Wallis, the editor of Sojourners magazine, told me: "It's a bitter irony: these people accuse Democrats of wanting to ban the Bible then proceed to utterly ignore the vast majority of its contents when it comes to questions of social justice, war and peace, and protecting the environment."
"A whole of people who never saw themselves as poor – working families – are losing income, losing jobs. Jobs are being shipped everywhere else," said Jim Wallis, executive editor of Sojourners magazine and convener of The Call to Renewal, a faith-based group devoted to poverty eradication.
Instead of competing, David Letterman and Ted Koppel should do what all other industries are doing and merge. Just think of the genre-bending prospects: Dave overseeing a round of Stupid Politician Tricks; Ted anchoring a five-part investigative series on financial irregularities at the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska...
"All we are saaaaayyyyyiiiiinnng, is give white-collar-criminals-under-indictment a chaaaaance."
In response to "weapons of mass destruction," the Pentagon is creating a new generation of kinder, gentler arms, including Weapons of Modest Destruction and Weapons of Nasty Scratches.