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Preaching the Word

Subscriber Benefits

Nearly a decade after its debut, users continue to reap the benefits of their Preaching the Word subscription. From the insightful reflections and lectionary passages, to the community features that allow users to print or share passages with friends, Preaching the Word is designed for those who are serious about preparing their sermons. We provide users with relevant, unmatched commentary from the most insightful commentators of our day, including:

  • Jim Wallis
  • Walter Brueggemann
  • Nadia Bolz Weber
  • Walter Wink
  • …more (see full list)

Beyond insightful commentary, we’ve organized each lectionary with themes, quotes, and community discussion, which allow subscribers to deepen their understanding of ancient texts and biblical narratives. From the Sojourners’ community to those of our subscribers, we’re here to provide our readers the very best in online sermon preparation and scripture reflection not found anywhere else.

Accessibility Benefits

  • We’ve designed a reader toolbar to help folks read their content without advertisements, enlarge text, and print formatted text.
  • To allow subscribers the ability to share content with friends, family, or their congregation, we’ve implemented an easy-to-use share widget.
  • For scripture searching, we’ve designed a feature that allows users to pinpoint their exact biblical passage.

All Preaching the Word profits go to help support our mission, which is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church and the world.

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