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National Mobilizing Circle: Membership Application

The Sojourners National Mobilizing Circle is a nationwide network of faith leaders committed to organizing their communities, and of organizers committed to their faith. These faith leaders and organizers, deeply rooted in their communities and focused on local challenges, also recognize the need for national coordinated action on key federal issues. These timely justice issues include, among others,  poverty and equity in our economic system, creation care, immigration reform, and war and peace.

Members of the Sojourners National Mobilizing Circle commit to support, learn from, and collaborate with each other in order to help realize and carry out a shared vision and message for national change within their local contexts.

History of the National Mobilizing Circle

  • August 2011:Launch of the Sojourners National Mobilizing Circle (NMC). Twenty-seven participants attended the inaugural Organize2Mobilize Training Summit. The training provided an introduction to faith-rooted organizing.
  • November 2011:Launch of Human Circles of Protection Project.  On November 16 at 12pm, local and regional faith networks across the country, in every time zone, gathered in front of agencies and organizations that serve the poor and formed symbolic human circles of protection. Through public prayers and liturgical readings, they urged legislators to form a “circle of protection” around the poor during budget negotiations.
  • November 2011:Launch of Come and See Project. Inspired by Jesus’ encounter with Philip (John 1:43-46), faith leaders and organizers invited local elected officials to “come and see” firsthand the programs that serve the poor and vulnerable in their communities—the very people that are placed at risk when state and local budgets are cut.  
  • Spring 2012:Launch of Regional Organize2Mobilize Trainings. NMC members organized regional Faith in Action Organizing Trainings across the country.
  • July 2012:Sojourners hosts 2nd annual Organize2Mobilize Training. Thirty participants from across the nation gathered in Washington, D.C., and learned how to build high-impact relationships with their legislators.
  • Fall 2012:NMC members promote The Line documentaryfilm. With the help of NMC members, Sojourners secured and hosted 2,000 screenings in homes, churches, and organizations across the country to raise awareness about those living at or below the poverty line. Together, NMC members are helping to change the conversation about poverty in 21st century America.
  • October 2012: Letters to the Editor Project launches.  As part of Sojourners’ ongoing poverty campaign, NMC members wrote letters to the editor that urged elected officials to support the principles of the Circle of Protection by agreeing to protect programs for the poor during upcoming “fiscal cliff” budget negotiations.

Benefits of National Mobilizing Circle Membership

  • Monthly conference calls with all members for policy updates and education, strategy planning, and capacity building.
  • Support and collaboration with regional partners within the National Mobilizing Circle.
  • Annual Organize2Mobilize Training to strengthen your faith-rooted organizing skills and equip you to train your local network.
  • Special discounted rate for locally hosted Organize2Mobilize trainings led by Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners’ director of mobilizing.
  • Faith in Action Newsletter, which connects justice-oriented faith leaders with other faith-rooted organizers and advocates.

Commitments of National Mobilizing Circle Members

  • Attend annual Organize2Mobilize national training.
  • Participate in at least 6 out of 12 monthly conference calls per year.
  • Host one regional (or affinity group) Faith in Action Training for your network within one year of joining the Circle.
  • Participate in 1 to 3 NMC national initiatives per year.