The Common Good

Women Writers

Women writers = sexy Santa.  <br />(Andresr / I want to get meta, I use a quill. <br />(viki2win / is definitely how I make my phone calls. <br />(wrangler / writers want weddings and babies. They're women after all. <br />(hartphotography / PROMISE WE WEAR PANTS! <br /> (Milan Vasicek /'s either writing in the nude (on an old Underwood typewriter, like we do) or in formal wear. <br /> (Voronin76  / may suffer from carpel tunnel, but it's not usually from this. <br /> (InnervisionArt / Midrifts on the job are usually frowned upon. See Tina Fey's "Bossypants" for more information. <br /> (Bojan Dzodan /, we get confused. <br /> (Dmitry Lobanov /, why not? <br /> (Kris Hanke / Getty Images)And my personal favorite. <br /> (Wallenrock /'know, actually ... this one's about right. <br /> (VojtechVlk /