The Common Good

The Cost of War in Afghanistan

by Jim Wallis

Media Creator: Odyssey Networks

Video Used Courtesy of Odyssey Networks

On April 14th, Jim Wallis attended a press conference on Capitol Hill. Organized by Rethink Afghanistan, a campaign of Brave New Foundations, the press conference highlighted the cost of war. Rethink Afghanistan unveiled their "Cost of War Tax Calculator": a fantastic tool which calculates what percentage of your taxes went to military spending this year.

The press conference was attended by nine members of Congress, several of which are participants of the Out of Afghanistan caucus, a group of Representatives committed to withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan.

Jim spoke with strength and focus despite being on the 14th day his fast. Highlighting the need to protect the most vulnerable in and country, he called for end to not just a fiscally irresponsible war but an immoral war.