The Common Good

by Bob Smietana 
November 2014

Why powerful people are working to curtail voting rights in America (for certain people, that is). 

by Jonathan Kuttab 
November 2014

Before it all fell apart earlier this year, and before this summer's carnage in Gaza, the Israeli-Palestine peace process was already fatally flawed. 

by Maria-Pia Negro 
November 2014

A look at three multiracial churches—and how they got that way. 

by Sean McDonagh 
November 2014

The oldest known redwood in the United States was a sapling during the Babylonian exile. Why trees should be part of Christian core curriculum. 

by Kathryn Reklis 
November 2014

Who are the people who understand the jargon and create the technology that defines our new digital age? 


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