The Common Good
December 2008

How Would Jesus Rock?

by Rose Marie Berger, Amy Spaulding | December 2008

Move over Guitar Hero, Guitar Praise is the new toy for the Christian heavy metal and power-rock set.

Move over Guitar Hero, Guitar Praise is the new toy for the Christian heavy metal and power-rock set. For $99.95, the family-friendly folks at Digital Praise bring you the newest innovation in Christian music entertainment: A do-it-yourself Jesus garage band. “Our research shows that 92 percent of Dance Praise families, and 100 percent of Dance Praise churches, are interested in Guitar Praise,” said Tom Bean, president and CEO of Digital Praise Inc., in a press release. “People love the console guitar games on the market, but many would like more family-friendly songs and graphics. Guitar Praise gives kids, families, and youth groups the play features they like best, plus some new twists, as well as the best Christian rock titles out there today.” So mousse up your hair and put on your oversized red sunglasses. It’s time to lay down some licks for the Lord!

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