The Common Good
July 2006

Just Food

by Emily McGowin | July 2006

When I received the May issue on “food and how we get it,” I confess I was skeptical as to its value.

When I received the May issue on “food and how we get it,” I confess I was skeptical as to its value. I thought, “Surely food isn’t as significant an issue for justice as peace and war in Israel, for example, or fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa.” Was I wrong! From the first article to the last, I was fascinated and convicted about my consumption habits and my lack of concern for the “story” behind the food I consume. As is the case with most Americans, I’m sure, I was ignorant about the inner workings of the food industry. Who would have thought that our food undermines the production and distribution of food around the world? Or that food industry execs are making gigantic profits off the truly fatal food they package and sell to us?

Thank you for dispelling a small part of this ignorance. I intend to do further investigation into how I can change my family’s practices so that we are not consuming food for nourishment that has come from the fields and factories of gross injustice. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15)—and we will do so, as much as possible, without consuming unjust and immoral food. Thank you again for this wonderful issue. Keep up the good work!

Emily McGowin
Fairfield, Texas

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