The Common Good

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Cover Story

How Martin Luther King Jr. moved from reform to revolution
Author Stewart Burns talks with Sojourners' Julie Polter on King's relevance for America today.


An interview with British member of Parliament Clare Short on just war, Jesus, and the importance of telling the truth.
The story of an obscure, powerless woman reminds us to do what we can.
A just and viable alternative to the Bush doctrine.
Through "Oikocredit" some of the world's poorest people get the capital and dignity to thrive.


Rebuffed (for now) in the global arena, the U.S. will pursue a divide-and-conquer strategy.
After the Big Tobacco suits, what next?
What's charity without justice?
Web Exclusive! A companion to "Don't Trade Away the Farm"


During the run

During the run-up to the Iraq war, I learned two valuable lessons th

Who are the real pirates in the music economy?

I need an incarnation more powerful than the hell of the daily headlines.

As I begin my 30th year at Sojourners

As I begin my 30th year at Sojourners,

Culture Watch

One last time, the Man in Black brings his music, and love, to the Carter Family Fold.
Sing for Justice Sing for Justice
The beer-commercial sensibility of deliberate, cultivated empty-headedness is pervasive.
Soul Journey, by Gillian Welch.
The Cost of Moral Leadership: The Spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Geffrey B. Kelly and F. Burton Nelson.


Matthew Matthew, Luke, and John tell us the story of Jesus in their own words, firm
Perhaps you have noticed that this issue of Sojourners has fewer pages than usual (if you hadn't noticed, take our word for it). No, we're not trying to short-sheet you.