The Common Good
March-April 2003

Anti-Semitism Links

by Ron Stivers | March-April 2003

IN "NOT IN MY NAME" (January-February 2003), Josh Healey
states, "I must first recognize that the root of the conflict—the
occupation—is being perpetrated ...

IN "NOT IN MY NAME" (January-February 2003), Josh Healey states, "I must first recognize that the root of the conflict—the occupation—is being perpetrated by the Israeli government." As long as Healey believes "the occupation" is the root of the present conflict and not a consequence, I don't see how peace can be achieved.

Healey also states that "some have argued that although criticism of Israel may not be anti-Semitic in its intention, it is so in practice." In my involvement on my campus at the University of California-Davis and in my exposure to the South African movement for divestment from Israel, I have increasingly encountered strong anti-Semitism. The movement is led by the Palestine Solidarity Committee of South Africa and spokesperson Na'eem Jeenah. The links on the PSC Web site to Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad organizations are telling of their true stance against Israel. They decry "Israeli bloodlust" and the "butchers of Tel Aviv."

While I agree that "nobody... should be afraid to criticize Israel," there is a fine line to tread because of the anti-Semitism that is so pervasive in the world today. Healey's article is ignorant, inaccurate, and offensive. That Sojourners would publish an author who displays such historical ignorance is appalling. Sojourners' archive of its articles pertaining to Israel is displaying an increasing bias against Israel with each issue.

Ron Stivers
Sacramento, California

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