The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Criminologist John DiIulio explains why a God-centered and problem-focused approach is needed to save our youth.


Taking saints seriously for the needs of our time.
Who's evangelizing whom in Latin America?
A rhythm of worthy work and reflective rest.


Ronald Reagan was called the "Great Communicator." Bill Clinton should go down in history as the "Great Co-opter." I can’t count the times I’ve seen various constituenc
Is religious liberty under threat?
Promise Keepers draws mixed response.
When a nation apologizes.
Paulo Freire's liberating legacy.
A passion for education.


It started with a phone call from Jeffrey Katzenberg, a
director in Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks film company.
Katzenberg is the former Disney executive who produced Aladdin<

Four water cannons. Two vicious dogs. Six armored
personnel carriers. A score of police.

"No thanks, it makes me sick." "Let’s
see, if I leave the milk out of these rolls Sheila can eat
them." "Will Dad eat birthday cake tonight (and go
off his wheat-free diet)

School in all of its dimensions inevitably marks our later
efforts at community living.

Helllloooooooooo!" That’s what I shouted over
the Grand Canyon when we first pulled up. You have to do
that. It’s the law.

Culture Watch

The church as custodian of culture.
The settlement between the tobacco companies and the 40 state attorneys general has been widely noted as a landmark in public health and consumer safety. And it is.
Van Morrison and Bruce Cockburn explore the dark on new releases.
The eclectic, infectious sound of acid jazz.
The strange American need to consume, as portrayed in Affluenza.
Mumia Abu-Jamal's persistent hope.
The dangers and possibilities of globalization.
Phil Berrigan's life-long journey toward nonviolence.
Liturgical seasons bring my life order: In them, as well as the growing seasons of Minnesota, I re-enact the drama of life and death.


A tough and compassionate approach holds offenders accountable while seeking reconciliation.
Fall national conference seeks to nourish and energize.
Volunteer Opportunities
Mud sucking at bare feet, St. Francis walks the rain around Assisi. Tattered brown flag more naked than naked, his white shivering skin
The world is one scared woman in the rain. Across the cups of silver she runs To find a house, any house where her laugh
Let’s get it straight: Living God’s way in the world is not for the faint-hearted.
Once we had gone beyond Left and Right, liberal and conservative, East and West, nothing remained but to go beyond the false categories of taste and decency. So we bought advertising space from NAS