The Common Good
November-December 1996

President of the World

by John Jago | November-December 1996

MY SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Sojourners arrived today, and as usual there was plenty to think about.

MY SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Sojourners arrived today, and as usual there was plenty to think about. I was particularly struck by Ed Spivey Jr.'s "H'rumphs" ("The Only Election Guide You'll Need").

I would like to add a comment to Spivey's piece. The election of the U.S. president has something of the nature of the election of the president of the world, because the United States is the most powerful nation in the world.

Americans may not realize it, but that scares many caring and thoughtful people who are citizens of nations other than the United States. Why? Because such people (particularly those like myself who have lived in the United States) know that most Americans are hardly aware of the world outside America and know little about it.

Decisions that an American president (or presidential hopeful) takes for U.S. domestic political reasons can have a profound, even devastating effect on the people of other nations, economically, politically, environmentally, or culturally.


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