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Please help us to better understand the nature of your upcoming event by completing the information below. Once we receive your completed form, it will be reviewed by our events committee. A member of our staff will call you once a decision has been made (usually within 6-8 weeks).  Please read Event Information and Guidelines for Event Hosts before completing this form. Required fields mark in red asterisk *.

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Information could be provided with e-mail or mailing addresses for our use in follow up. If so, please describe possible methods of name acquisition.

I will provide an honorarium in the amount specified on or before the date of the event I am coordinating. (Please provide a figure, even if tentative.)

Please note that Jim Wallis does not accept honoraria for personal use. All funds received from speaking engagements are used to further the mission of Sojourners. Speaking honoraria are an important and much-needed revenue source to sustain us as a nonprofit organization.

We are particularly sensitive to the needs of nonprofit organizations and those with limited funds. Inability to pay the established honorarium should not discourage you from completing the attached forms. We are committed to reviewing such instances on a case-by-case basis. We do not want cost to be a deciding factor in bringing an event to your community and will work with you on ideas and alternative resources.