The Common Good

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Sojourners is committed to equipping faith leaders and organizers, building their capacity to organize local and regional faith networks, and helping them to use their unique gifts in the broader struggle for a just world.

At many times in history, people of faith have marshaled their unique gifts of faith and brought them to bear on issues of public justice and the common good. In the U.S., various movements—for abolition, labor unions, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and environmental justice—have all been shaped at their core by faith-filled convictions that each of us are created in the image of God and, therefore, equally worthy of the protection of the law.

People of faith rose up to join or lead these movements—each time calling America to live into its own dreams. Each case now stands as evidence of the power of faith communities to organize toward the biblical vision of shalom (holistic peace).

During its early days of radical community, Sojourners was active in the art of community-based public witness in the depressed Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  Forty years later— for such as time as this—we are equipping and building local and regional faith networks to offer their unique gifts to the broader struggle for a just world.


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