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It's Time to Close Guantanamo

“Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts” cries out the prophet Amos (5:15a). We should heed these words and close Guantanamo Bay prison. For more than a decade, prisoners have been detained there without being charged of a crime or tried in a court of law. Now 100 prisoners are on a hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention, and President Obama has reiterated his desire to close the prison. Call on Congress to remove this national blemish.

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Sign the One Church, One Body Pledge

Today in America, we as Christian leaders are morally concerned about the deluge of incidents this year that have revealed how the factors of race have yet to be resolved or, as we would say, reconciled.

Painful incidents like the killings of Trayvon Martin and Jonathan Ferrell, as well as this year’s Supreme Court decision that removed a key provision of the Voting Rights Act reveal the racial divides at the heart of our nation. It is time for the multiracial body of Christ to be clear that we are in this together. These issues are all of our issues. We are one church. We are one body.

Sign the One Church | One Body Pledge today!

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Tell John Boehner to End the Tug-of-War on Immigration

After a week of encouraging signs, including the release of Republican principles for reform and a high profile meeting between Speaker Boehner and reform supporter Cardinal McCarrick, Boehner made public comments that seemed to backpedal on his commitment to reform in 2014. Republican leadership is under heavy pressure from anti-immigrant extremists to let reform die.

Speaker Boehner is caught in a tug-of-war between immigration reform – supported by the American people and by our values – and the few loud voices who continue to oppose it. Help us convince Boehner to take action in 2014.

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Ohioans: We Need Clean Energy!

Why switch to clean energy? Because dirty energy is too dangerous! A recent spill in Ohio’s Oak Glen Nature Preserve shows what’s at risk when we choose fossil fuels over clean energy.

Governor Kasich should use this opportunity to focus on clean energy for Ohio – to protect our natural resources and to move toward the future.

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Texans: We Need Clean Energy!

Why switch to clean energy? Because dirty energy oil continues to be dangerous to God’s creation and our health. A barge recently crashed in the Galveston Bay, putting migratory birds at risk and triggering a difficult and expensive cleanup project. With an abundance of sunlight and wind, we should be investing in clean energy that doesn’t pollute our waters.

Governor Perry should use this opportunity to focus on clean energy for Texas – to protect our natural resources and move toward the future.

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North Carolinians: We Need Clean Energy!

Why switch to clean energy? Because dirty energy is too dangerous! Power companies are dumping cancer-causing coal ash into North Carolina’s rivers – sometimes accidentally, and sometimes on purpose.

Governor McCrory should use this opportunity to focus on clean energy for North Carolina – to protect our natural resources and our health.

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Keep the Tar Sands Where They Belong!

Late last week, the president once again pushed back a decision on the risky project; now a decision won’t come down until late this year. It’s getting harder and harder for this pipe dream to become a reality, despite the protestations of oil executives.

People of faith and other activists have been opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, and our efforts are paying off. Click here to thank the president and encourage him to REJECT the pipeline once and for all!

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Tell TN Governor to Pray with Death Row Inmates!

A note from Shane Claiborne:

Ten men have been scheduled to be executed in my home state of Tennessee. Recently I had a chance to visit several of them. They have a simple request - they want their governor to pray with them.

When I met with them last week, one of the guys laid out the invitation: “We’d invite him to join us for our prayer meeting on Friday – to come pray with us, worship with us, and get to know us.” I sat stunned. Men scheduled to die want to invite the man who signed the death warrants to pray with them.

I hope Gov. Bill Haslam will take them up on the invitation – don’t you? 

Most Christians agree that Jesus would not support the death penalty. To interrupt the logic of killing and to show that it is wrong, we must first recognize that every person is made in the image of God which makes it much harder to destroy a life. 

We have an opportunity to encourage Gov. Haslam to take a step toward what Jesus would do.

Click here to send a message encouraging the governor to pray with these men – a step in the right direction toward ending a culture of killing.

Gov. Haslam’s first step should be to accept the grace that these death row inmates are offering him and meet with them for a time of prayer. It’s a simple request, so let’s make it happen! Send Gov. Haslam an email and ask him to pray with these men. Through prayer and supplication, God gives discernment and wisdom.

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Sack the Skins!

The word "Redskins" is a racial slur. It degrades an entire group of people who have endured a history of unjust treatment in our society.

Urge NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to stand on the right side of history by forcing the professional football team in Washington to change its name.


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Support the Clean Power Plan!

The EPA has just released the Clean Power Plan, and it’s a big step to combat climate change. This proposal would reduce our climate pollution from coal-fired power plants 30% below 2005 levels by the year 2030, using a plan that gives states flexibility in how they meet the target. The public comment period has just begun, and the EPA needs to hear from us.


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Pope Francis is not lovin' it

Pope Francis has a message that McDonald’s needs to hear: the destruction of the rainforest is sinful!  Rainforests worldwide are being decimated for palm oil, a simple ingredient in so many of the foods we eat every day. Many large companies, such as Nestlé and Unilever, have made strong commitments to make sure their palm oil does not destroy the rainforest – but not McDonald’s!

We’re not lovin’ McDonald’s flimsy commitment to the rainforest. Let’s remind McDonald’s of Pope Francis’ words—destroying the rainforest is a sin!

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