The Common Good

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How can your church help Sojourners?
Churches provide critical aid where it’s needed most – in local soup kitchens and food pantries, domestic and international mission trips, and so much more – but the needs of the poor stretch far beyond what churches alone can provide. By supporting Sojourners education and advocacy programs, your church can help change the structures that make people poor & vulnerable in the first place. A gift of just 5% of your church’s mission budget to Sojourners will go a long way to fund our advocacy work on behalf of the poor.

Sojourners needs churches like yours to be partners in this movement. Whether you’re a pastor or a lay leader, start a conversation today about allocating a portion of your mission budget toward Sojourners advocacy work or consider a monthly offering to Sojourners. Click here to pledge your church’s support today!

How can churches talk about social justice?
Sojourners has long provided timely and discerning commentary on scripture. Our downloadable discussion guides can help begin a conversation about social justice at your church, and Preaching the Word offers socially conscious sermon preparation. Click here for a complete list of our church resources


Check out this donor church!
Rev. Edward Amimo and his congregation in Bukura, Kenya recently joined the Sustainers Circle, Sojourners monthly giving program! While the congregation tends to needs in the local community in Kenya – like food assistance for widows, orphans, and other vulnerable children – the community decided to address the needs of the global community by supporting Sojourners’ work. The congregation offers a portion of their offerings to Sojourners every month.

Follow this Kenyan church’s example by supporting Sojourners today!