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Jim Wallis’ newest book examines the deepest problems this world faces. What we need is a commitment to an ancient idea whose time has urgently come: the common good.


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There is a thread uniting each of these events: tragedy in Boston, reconciliation in Alabama, cowardice in Washington on guns, and possible movement on immigration reform. They each show us the true and real attacks we face — attacks against what holds us together as a people. But they are also opportunities to show love.

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Fundsasurza is a nonprofit in the Dominican Republic that focuses holistically on the community. Through recycling programs, it funds services for senior citizens, who in turn, pass on cultural traditions to a younger generation. The organization asks "Who is my neighbor," to address the real needs of the community.

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Sneak Peek: 'On God's Side'


New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Wallis takes us behind the scenes of his latest book, On God's Side with a deeper look at the common good theme.

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Jeremy Courtney is cofounder of the Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization that provides heart surgeries for Iraqi children and facilitates training for local Iraqi doctors. He sits down with Sojourners to tell his story.

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As we celebrate our nation’s independence this week, it’s good that we also celebrate our interdependence. Everything that we do, everything that we have, all that we are bears the fingerprints of countless others from around the world who have brought us to this moment and sustain us in it.
Be skeptical and ask the hard, tough questions about our institutions — especially Washington and Wall Street. But cynicism is a spiritually dangerous thing because it is a buffer against personal commitment.
Finding the integral relationship between your own personal good and the common good is your best contribution to our future. And it is the best hope we have for a better life together.
The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world — about 1.6 million people in 2010. Mass incarceration in our country is a problem, one that too often serves to line the pockets of for-profit prisons while tearing families apart and targeting people of color disproportionately.
Indeed, we must give up our personal or private identities to the service of all. But how do we do this as a culture, a global church?